3 ways a seller can lose his/her online rapport as a trusted seller

3 ways a seller can lose his/her online rapport as a trusted seller

Though, people always know what others like and what practices are best to develop a solid rapport among the customers, but still not everyone takes care of these practices and may lose their trust with others. Most of the top rated companies in Australia, you can easily observe, how they have developed and also maintained their trustworthy relationship with their vast customer pool. The basic intention behind the whole thing is to care for the customers if you need to keep them returning to your brand. All the customers need a reliable and helpful support from the manufacturers of their beloved brans and products. Those who succeed in providing a quality service along with their quality products can have a surety to have a loyal lot of customers who will have trust in their products and services.

Building a solid rapport takes a lot of years and efforts whereas losing ones trust will only take a second. It is because when you stop caring for the quality, people will stop caring what you deliver as the products and services will be of no use to them. You can see why ASICS and ASICS Kayano products are trusted by most of the users, why an ipad by Apple is most trusted than any other brand, it is because they have never let their customers down.

Same is the case with other brands like Samsung electronics, Sony products, google android phones and Samsung galaxy s7 products. All these brands and products have fulfilled their purpose and have never let down their customer's expectations.

Though it takes lots of efforts to build such a rapport, you may see how people ruin it through a few nasty habits:

Not providing a backup customer support

Sellers and manufacturers who are not able to provide sufficient support to their customers may not be able to develop trust among their customers.

Lack of sufficient information regarding the limitations and operations of the product

Consistent failure to provide valuable products

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